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The MCT 12 Vario Carbon is a super light, resilient and flexible pole from the CROSS TRAIL line from Leki. Under this generic term Leki understands a product range for all those people who want to be on the mountain fast, who prefer short, intensive tours with a lot of speed and dynamism. So it is not surprising that the MCT 12 Vario Carbon with 200 g is a real lightweight in the family of trekking poles. Designed as a folding stick, it offers a minimum pack size of 42 cm in length and can be folded out to its maximum length of 130 cm with one hand. The final stick length can be varied between 110 and 130 cm using a Speedlock 2 clamp. The completely newly developed CROSS SHARK cork handles have a very slim design and are hand-enclosing mesh loop, which can be attached and detached on the handle in seconds. The securely encased hand can optimally transmit the power via the wide contact surface of the loop and the flexible connection to the stick. The grip zone on the MCT 12 Vario Carbon is ergonomically shaped and extended downwards so that flexible grip positions are possible.

• Super lightweight folding stick for trail running / speed mountaineering
• Carbon Stock
• Final length: 110 - 130 cm (SPEED LOCK 2)
• Pack size: 42 cm
• Cork handle with extended grip zone and detachable wrist strap (CROSS SHARK)
• Adjustable wrist strap with wide support (TRIGGER SHARK)
• Narrow, hardened trail running tip with a small plate
• Weight: 200g ( single stick )

• Pole: HM Carbon (Ø 12/14 mm)
• Handle: plastic / cork
• Loop: 100% polyester mesh